14 Days of Discovery Downeast

Day 1: Relax

We’ve found that the best remedy for a long, stressful day on the road is to read a good book with the sound of crashing waves in the background. You’ll find Louise Dickinson Rich’s book “The Peninsula” in each room, and the beach is just across the street. Children can build sandcastles or gaze into tidepools. Use the many guides we provide to explore the Salamander or Heron Trails found in our 200 acre Preserve. Take a leisurely dinner at one of the many restaurants within just 5 to 10 minutes from the Inn or prepare your own with fresh organic produce available from many of the local farms.

Day 2:  Discover Schoodic’s Acadia

Now that you are rejuvenated, it’s time to experience the adventure of Acadia Park at Schoodic, just five minutes from the Inn. With 3500 acres of pristine acreage and 12 miles of pink granite shoreline, Acadia at Schoodic is one of the most prized destinations in Maine. Drive or bike the 8 mile loop and picnic before the massive waves that crash on Schoodic Point. Hike the Anvil or East Shore Trail and, if the tide is right, walk across the sea floor to a little island.

Day 3: Enjoy Local Culture

If you feel up to it, wake up just before 5 in the morning to catch the sunrise over Corea Harbor, just a few minutes down the road. Gazing over this peaceful fishing village is a perfect entrance to a relaxing day of visiting local artisans and businesses. Don’t miss Bartlett’s Winery, Lee Art Glass, Stave Island Pottery, Gypsy Moose Glass, the Bell Foundry, Wendilee who Paints and the many other local galleries. Finish the day with a sunset sea kayaking cruise and see seals, porpoises, bald eagles, and, of course, a gorgeous sunset over Mt. Cadillac.

Day 4: Get Some Fresh Air

Head down to Seascape Kayak after breakfast to rent a canoe or kayak, whatever your preference. Pack a bagged lunch with fresh bread sandwiches from Gerrish Provisions and local produce, bottled water or a bottle of Bartlett’s wine, and perhaps a sampling of Ice Cream – sure Canoeing to give you plenty of paddle power. Row out to an island and go swimming in the warm freshwater of Jones Pond. Relax for a picnic and head back in time to catch some afternoon golf at Grindstone Neck, one of the oldest golf courses in the country.

Day 5: A Mountain Venture

Head off the peninsula today and take Route 183 to Schoodic Mountain. The energy for your hike will be well worth it as you reach the summit, where you can gaze over 200 square miles of ocean and wilderness. Take some time to wind down in the crystal clear waters of Donnell Pond when you reach the bottom again. Lounge on the sandy beach and return to a relaxing evening at the Inn. Play frisbee, badminton, croquet, or horseshoes in our backyard, and fly a kite or take a romantic promenade along the sandy beach.

Day 6: 3500 Acres of Solitude

Take Rt. 1 North for 10 mins and and turn right on the Pigeon Hill Rd. just past H&H Marine. Pass through beautiful fishing villages and Harbor Viewyou will arrive at Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge, a 3500 acre bird sanctuary with miles of well-tended trails. We recommend the Hollingsworth Trail, a trail with annotated signs that tell about the birds and wildlife. Make sure you bring your camera and binoculars to appreciate the birds of the refuge. On your way back, stop at the 44 Degrees North restaurant to enjoy fresh scallops and lobster.

Day 7: The Bustling Island

Take the ferry that leaves five minutes away across the bay to the hubbub of the busy touristy town of Bar Harbor (Avoid cruise ship days that can drop 10,000 people on to the streets). Take a whale watching trip or a cruise aboard the Margaret Todd, a beautiful 4 masted schooner. Use the free bus service that will deliver you to any one of the trail heads throughout that section of Acadia running every few minutes t all the trail heads. Try some of the miles of trails and experience afternoon tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House. Time your visit so that you may enjoy a beautiful sunset over the bay when you return aboard the ferry and return to the serenity of Schoodic and our section of Acadia National Park.

Day 8: Day Trip Downeast

Take Rt. 1 deep into Down East Maine today. Gaze over the expansive blueberry barons just before you enter Machias, stop at the Burnham Tavern, then head Whalesthrough this quaint university town towards Lubec. Here you’ll find West Quoddy head, a candy-cane lighthouse that gazes over Sail Rock, the easternmost point of the United States. Head to Canada’s Campobello Island, the location of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s summer home. Gain an insight into the president’s life and appreciate this beautiful coastal location

Day 9: Inspiration to the West Lighthouses

The coast has time and time again proved an inspiration to artists, whether they be painters, poets, writers, or photographers. Today we will hope to capture some of that creative mystique. Start by driving through Ellsworth, stopping for provisions or to visit the historic Black estate of Woodlawn. Head to Blue Hill, the inspiration for E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, and visit M.E.R.I. for a guided voyage of biological discovery. Continue on to historic Castine, which stands at the head of Penobscot Bay

Day 10: The Glory of Schoodic’s Coast

Take this day to appreciate the coast from where it is meant to be seen: the ocean. Try a sailing trip around the point and view the other side of the crashing surf. After your adventurous jaunt, take a trip to see the lighthouses of the peninsula and drive or bike through photogenic Corea, where you will see dozens of boats wet with fresh sea spray. Try an elegant dinner at Bunkers Wharf, The Salt Box, The Fisherman’s Inn or any other the wonderful local restaurants. See if one of the many summer concerts is going on in the evening, or lay back before a roaring fire.

Day 11: History and Mystery

Stop at the Historic Ruggles House and pottery in pituresque Columbia Falls. Take a puffin-watch trip leaving from Jonesport. When you return, spend some time to Great Viewsappreciate the splendor of the Great Wass Preserve. Head over to Roques Bluff for a perfect picnic lunch. Lounge at this beautiful spot with freshwater swimming on one side of the road, a small park, and the crashing surf on the other. Have a bite to eat in Milbridge and watch a movie in the historic 1930s theater.

Day 12: Experience Nature’s Majesty

Head into the woods today by going to Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, noted for the presence of bald eagles. Take a lunch either here or at Cobscook Park, 888 acres of lush wilderness overlooking Cobscook Bay with its 24-foot tides. Head to Pembroke, where you can see the spectacular reversing falls that look as if the water is climbing up hill.. Stop at Helen’s Restaurant in Machias, famous for their mile high blueberry pie.

Day 13: The Threshold of Civilization

Start the day by heading to Eastport, the easternmost city of the United States. Recently turned into “Sunrise, ME”, Easport is famous for being on the brink of civilization. Stop by Raye’s Mustard Mill, the oldest stone ground mill in the country. Watch the massive tides of the Bay of Fundy before heading to the Pleasant Point Indian Reservation and Museum. Finish your trip with a visit north to the St. Croix International Historic Site, one of the earliest French settlements, and a visit to the 45th parallel marker.

Day 14: Lazy Day

Congratulations! In the course of two weeks you’ve sampled some of the best Down East Maine has to offer. Take this day to reflect on what you’ve experienced and to rest for the long journey home. Relax on the beach or try some saltwater fishing off our pink granite rocks. Catch a striped bass and have a barbeque on the patio. Try one of our well-maintained trails if you missed them, or visit the local Dorcas Library. Finish with fine dining in Winter Harbor or prepare a feast and dine looking directly over the ocean and the beach. We hope you enjoyed your time with us and will return to experience more!